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Collected papers, 4 volumes. Mathematicians of Our Time, Vol 6. MIT Press.

Parikh: The unreal life of Oscar Zariski

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[arXiv:1207.6750] The zeta function of a finite category and the series Euler characteristic fra arXiv Front: math.NT av Kazunori Noguchi We prove that a certain conjecture holds true and the conjecture states a relationship between the zeta function of a finite category and the Euler characteristic of a finite category.

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For functional eq of zeta fn of arithmetic schemes, see Bloch: de Rham cohomology and conductors of curves

Title: Arithmetic equivalence for function fields, the Goss zeta function and a generalization. Authors: Gunther Cornelissen, Aristides Kontogeorgis, Lotte van der Zalm. A theorem of Tate and Turner says that global function fields have the same zeta function if and only if the Jacobians of the corresponding curves are isogenous. In this note, we investigate what happens if we replace the usual (characteristic zero) zeta function by the positive characteristic zeta function introduced by Goss. More details.

Dynamical, spectral, and arithmetic zeta functions (San Antonio, TX, 1999), 167--179, Contemp. Math., 290. No own copy I think.

Some lecture notes on zeta functions in alg geom Jap-French Winter School 2008, chapters might be on arXiv